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Working with providers at institution and programme levels

We aim to enhance our ability to assess the impact of risks and issues on our standards

We recognise institution wide approaches to meeting our standards, and our standards are structured along institution and programme lines.

We apply assessment at the institution level where possible, to provide consistency in assessment and outcomes, and to avoid duplication. We place responsibility on education providers to manage their programmes within the structures set up at the institution level.

We identify a range of key contacts at education providers, so we are able to work with the right people at the right times.

Our contacts' roles

  • These contacts have oversight of HCPC-approved provision from a quality and enhancement perspective.

    We interact with these contacts on matters of quality on a granular, regular and ongoing basis.

  • These contacts have strategic oversight of HCPC-approved provision.

    We work with these contacts in relation to strategic matters, and keep them informed of significant matters of quality at the institution.

  • These contacts have professional oversight at a programme level.

    We work with these contacts in relation to professional matters, and keep them informed of matters of quality related to the programme or professional level.

Page updated on: 06/09/2021