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Flexibility in assessment

We aim to undertake bespoke, proportionate and effective regulatory engagement with providers and programmes

Right touch regulation

We apply ‘right touch regulation’ in our quality assurance of institutions and programmes.

Our approach is not one-size-fits-all, but is rather flexible to understand the ‘problem’ before jumping to the solution​.

What we consider

We consider past interactions and externally sourced data and intelligence to focus attention on areas that require it​.

Practically, this means we have flexibility in the quality assurance activity that we undertake, designing quality assurance activities to address themes we identify through assessments.

Quality activities are not always limited to 'problems'. We may undertake quality activities to explore an innovative approach or example of good practice

We do not apply a blanket solution for the exploration of all areas, meaning we may undertake a range of quality activities through assessment.

We aim to undertake the lowest burden activities required, which enable us to explore themes as we need to.

Page updated on: 06/09/2021