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Communication and using social media

Our standards require registrants to communicate appropriately and effectively


Support and guidance relating to how health and care professionals handle information about service users

Supervision, leadership and culture

Working in partnership with colleagues, effective supervision and leadership are integral to the delivery of healthcare

Person-centred care

As a health and care professional, you must promote and protect the interests of service users and carers

Reflective practice

Support for, information about and examples of reflecting on your practice

Company and business names

Applying for non-objection when using protected titles in company names

Assessing SET1 - Threshold level of qualification

This policy statement sets out our broad approach to assessing the threshold level of qualification for entry to the Register.

What, when and how to refer an employee to us

If your concern about your employee raises a question about their fitness to practise, you should refer this to us

Working with us

We will notify you, your chief executive or director of human resources if we commence a fitness to practise investigation about your employee