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Checking your employees registration status

We encourage you to check periodically (every 3 to 6 months) that your employees remain registered

Reviewing our approach

Those on the COVID-19 Temporary Register have until 2 October 2023 to complete and submit a declaration form to be able to remain on the COVID-19 Temporary Register until the 31 March 2024.

Supporting professionals trained outside the UK

Guidance on how employers can support international applicants, and those who have recently registered with the HCPC

HCPC Consolidated Legislation

Incorporating repeals and amendments made up to 1 December 2023

Involving service users

How we involve service users in our assessment activities.

Assessing and quantifying risk

We use a risk model which allows us to be consistent in the application of our standards and processes.

Undertaking quality assurance activities

When we assess institutions or programmes through our processes, we develop themes and questions to explore with education providers.

Using data and intelligence

Learn how we use data and intelligence to inform our assessment of the performance of institutions and programmes.

Maintaining approval

What we need from providers to maintain their programme's approval through our performance review process.

Gaining approval

Information about the process for approving your education programme, including threshold levels and relevant proficiency standards.

Planning a new programme

Important information for education providers planning to run a new programme

HCPC Diversity Data 2021 factsheets

Our factsheets provides the key EDI information by profession and how the demographics of each group compare to the demographics of HCPC registrants overall