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Supporting your employee through the fitness to practise process

We understand that employers and managers often want to provide guidance and support to employees who are going through the fitness to practise process

We provide a lot of information in the If a concern has been raised about you section of our website that will help you and your employee understand what they need to do and how we will investigate the concern that has been raised about them.

You can also use our case studies based on real cases to help you understand the types of issues that a panel will consider.

Support is also available for your employee from their professional body, union or professional indemnity insurer, or from Citizens Advice or independent legal advice.

We also recognise that this can be stressful for you, support may be available to you from your HR department, or your own manager.

Can an employee continue to practise during an investigation?

Employees can continue to practise whilst we investigate the concern, unless we have imposed an Interim Order on their registration.

An Interim Order may place restrictions on the way in which your employee can practise or it may prevent them from practising altogether.

An Interim Suspension Order will prevent an employee from practising their profession altogether. The period of suspension will be case specific, but initially no more than 18 months long. If your employee is suspended, they will not be able to practise.

An Interim Conditions of Practice Order will place restrictions (conditions) on the way in which an employee can practise. This might limit the scope of their practice, the places at which they can practise or require them to be supervised when practising. If your employee has conditions imposed on their practice, they will need your support and help to comply with those conditions.

You can find out if an employee is subject to an Interim Order by searching our online Register.

Page updated on: 09/10/2019