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When does the review process start?

For online applications: We start reviewing your application once you've submitted your online form and paid your scrutiny fee.

For paper applications: We need to log, scan and upload your application onto our systems.

  • You will receive an email which confirms that we've completed this within 10 working days of us receiving your application in the post. We can then start reviewing your application.

What happens at this stage of the process?

During this stage we'll check whether your application is complete and note any missing or incorrectly certified documents. We'll also check the information you provided for plagiarism.

If any missing details relate to your qualification or if we're unclear on the profession and modality you've selected, we won't be able to progress your application and send out verification checks until you've provided us with those details.

Therefore, it's very important that you include all necessary certified documents in your first submission to avoid significant delays to your application. 

How long does this part of the process take?

For both online and paper applications, you can expect to hear from us within 15 working days with an update from our review of your application.

What happens next?

If your application is complete

For online applications: If your application contains all necessary information, we'll start the verification and assessment process. We'll send you an email to confirm this.

For paper applications: If your application contains all necessary information, we'll start the verification process. We'll send you an email inviting you to pay your scrutiny fee and explaining how to do so. We'll start the assessment process once we've received your payment.

If your application is missing important information

We'll email you to let you know what details or documents you still need to provide to progress your application.

This will delay your application, so it's important to follow our guidance and make sure all relevant information and supporting documents are provided in your initial applications.

Page updated on: 13/07/2022