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If you are out of practice, but still registered with us

This information is for professionals who are still registered with us, but who have not practised their profession for more than two years.

To renew your registration with us every two years, you need to sign to confirm that you have practised your profession at some point during the past two years (the registration cycle which is about to end).

If you have not practised your profession during this period, you cannot make that declaration, you are considered 'returning to practice', during your renewal.

You should either:

  • Come off the Register - and then potentially re-register at some point in the future if you need to return to practice; or
  • Renew your registration, declaring that you have not practised your profession - we will contact you once the renewal period has ended where you will be given a six month period to submit return to practice evidence. Your name will remain on the Register during this time.
Tudalen wedi'i diweddaru ymlaen: 14/11/2023