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Promoting the value of regulation

Aim: The public, registrants, students and employers understand the value and importance of regulated health and care professionals

As an organisation, we want to promote the value of regulation. The HCPC provides and drives important initiatives in terms of education and continuous professional development, supporting registrants throughout their career. As outlined in our third strategic priority, we can also use the data we hold as a regulator of over 330,000 health and care professionals to inform and assist our stakeholders.

Last year we published our Principles of Preceptorship, to support HCPC registrants at key transition moments in their careers, and to help them in providing safe, compassionate and high-quality care. In 2024–25, we will focus on promoting these principles to employers.

We will also continue to support new international registrants to successfully transition to UK practice through our Joining the UK Workforce Programme.

This year we will publish our first education annual report since our current quality assurance model was established, which focuses on key learning themes for education providers. In  2024–25 we will also publish a ‘state of the nation’ report for the 2023–24 academic year and engage with the sector to share further learning.

Our support starts before our registrants’ careers have begun. In 2024–25, we will increase our engagement with students, including scaling up the delivery of our Becoming a health and care professional programme, and delivering our third student competition focused on the updated SCPEs.

In 2024-25 we will further this aim by:


Engagement with employers

  • Promote our preceptorship principles and encourage employers to provide greater support for registrants who are new or returning to practice.
  • Promote and encourage a shift to more positive workplace cultures for our registrants.


Registrant communication strategy

  • Deliver an integrated communications campaign to increase awareness and provide an understanding of the revised standards of conduct, performance and ethics.
  • Launch new content to support understanding of our continuing professional development requirements, both for registrants and their employers.
  • Continue to improve the experience of registrants through compassionate and inclusive communication, including new supportive content for those joining the Register.
  • Provide information and signposting for registrants on practising sustainably.


International registrants

  • Collaborate with key stakeholders and employers who recruit and support international registrants.


Education annual reporting

  • Engage with the education sector to share insight from the education annual report.
  • Publish a ‘state of the nation’ report for the 2023–24 academic year and engage with the sector to share further learning.



  • Scale up the delivery of our Becoming a health and care professional programme for students, which supports learning about professionalism and the value of regulation.
  • Deliver the next student competition, promoting and encouraging engagement with the updated standards of conduct, performance and ethics.
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