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How we assess the threshold level of qualification for entry to the Register

One of our key roles is to set the standards for education and training that education and training programmes must meet in order to be approved by the HCPC.

Education and training programmes must meet certain standards (the ‘threshold level’) so that graduates of these programmes are eligible to apply to join the Register. This is so that service users can be confident their health and care professional has an appropriate level of training to be able to practise effectively and safely.

We have recently published a policy statement setting out how we will assess the threshold level of qualification for entry to the Register.

Frequently asked questions

  • We recently confirmed how we will carry out any future reviews of the threshold level for any of the professions we regulate. This followed our recent decision to change the threshold level for paramedics. 

    We have published this policy statement to confirm how we will assess programmes where the proposed qualification is different from the qualification specified in our Standards of education and training.

  • We will carry out our approval process with you. You will not need to do anything in addition to our normal requirements in this process.

  • If the threshold were to change, all approved programmes delivered below the new threshold would need to be phased out.

    We will consult on any plans to withdraw approvals, and timescales to do so, as part of our process to review the threshold level

    You may be able to prove your approved programme has equivalence to the revised threshold level. In keeping with our policy statement, if you would like to keep delivering your programme, we will work with you through the approval process to carry out an equivalence assessment.

  • When we make the decision to change the threshold, we provide an appropriate lead-in time so that, if you are a current learner on the programme, you will be able to complete your studies and apply for registration with us.

    Your education provider may ask us to assess your programme to establish that it is equivalent with the new threshold. We allow enough time within the lead-in period to assess these programmes. If we cannot establish that your programme is equivalent with the new threshold, we will withdraw approval using the timescales for changing the threshold, giving you enough time to complete your programme.

    In both cases, completing your currently approved programme will allow you to apply for registration with us.

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