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The Council

The HCPC is governed by a Council, whose role is to protect the health and well being of those using or needing the services of registrants. It does this by developing and monitoring strategy and policy for the HCPC, and ensuring that the organisation fulfils its functions under the Health Professions Order 2001.

Agendas and minutes for meetings of the Council

These include reports and papers provided for consideration at meetings

The HCPC's Code of Corporate Governance incorporates a series of regulatory documents and policies which govern how we operate, take decisions and the procedures followed to ensure that our actions are fair, efficient, transparent and accountable to our stakeholders.

Read our Code of corporate governance



Information on the Committees of the HCPC and how they support the Council and its work can be found here.


Public consultations

We are committed to engaging with our stakeholders, and taking account of their views and input in the way that we carry out our work. One of the ways in which we do this is by consulting when we are planning a new area of work, or planning to change the way that we do something

View our public consultations

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