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Your CPD

All registrants should undertake CPD on a continuing basis, made up of activities that enhance their practice and learning

This is your personal record. If you are audited, we won't ask you for everything you've recorded, just details of the activities from the past two years and evidence to support them. Keeping a thorough and up-to-date record will mean that you can submit these easily.

There is no necessary format for recording your CPD, although some professional bodies and employers do have recommendations. You might choose to keep hard copies of documents in a folder, or you might choose to keep a record electronically.

There are online tools available, registrants can use them but we do not endorse any and they don’t guarantee ‘success’ in our audits.

However, please make sure that you will always have access to your record so that you can submit it: storing it at your employer's workplace, for example, is risky as you may change employment.

Download the CPD guidance document