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Customer service policy

Customer service policy

Our stakeholder requirements are of paramount importance to HCPC. We always strive to provide the highest standards in customer service. This is demonstrated through our compliance to ISO 10002 the international standard for Complaints and Customer Satisfaction, together with ISO 9001 for Quality Management. As a consequence we implement, maintain and continually improve robust Customer Service processes and objectives.

As an organisation, we have a commitment to provide an effective and efficient service. We are a learning organisation and continuous improvement and quality underpin everything we do. We provide adequate resources including training to ensure that we provide good customer service and resolve complaints in a timely manner.

Our aim is that our stakeholders will be satisfied with the service that we provide. We gather stakeholder feedback for our long term objectives and have various methods of obtaining and reviewing this feedback including our Accelerator Customer Service Insights Programme, Fitness to Practise Stakeholder Feedback Mechanism and our feedback and complaints process.

We welcome and value the input of our registrants, employees and other stakeholders. This takes into consideration relevant statutory, regulatory and organisational requirements.

This policy is fully supported and endorsed by the Senior Management Team and the CEO.

"The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) aims to provide a quality service to all our stakeholders and we always appreciate feedback. We want to know when things have gone wrong, to hear ideas for improvement and we are always delighted to know when people have been pleased with the service we have provided. We appreciate the time that it takes to contact us, we are a learning organisation and feedback is vital to us to help improve the services that we provide. From our inception, we have captured, analysed and acted on feedback and we continue to need and value this input."

John Barwick

Interim Chief Executive and Registrar

Page updated on: 05/07/2018