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Remote hearings consultation analysis and decisions

Analysis of responses to the consultation on remote hearings and our decisions as a result

About the consultation

Emergency rules were introduced by government on 4 March 2021 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. These rules gave HCPC, and other healthcare regulators, express provisions to hold a meeting or hearing fully by audio or video conferencing facilities.

Between 31 August 2021 and 23 November 2021 we consulted on a proposal to seek an amendment to our legislation which would give us express powers to hold hearings remotely once the Coronavirus emergency powers come to an end.

We informed a range of stakeholders about the consultation including professional bodies, employers, and education and training providers. We advertised the consultation on our website and on social media, and issued a press notice.

We received 630 responses to our consultation and would like to thank all those who took the time to respond. View the original consultation page.


About this document

This document summarises the responses we received to our consultation on remote hearings and our decisions as a result. This document:

  • Explains how we handled and analysed the responses we received, providing overall statistics relating to the responses
  • Provides a high-level summary of the responses we received
  • Provides a thematic summary of responses received an outlines general comments received in response to the consultation proposals
  • Provides a detailed outline of the decisions we have taken and how we have responded to the consultation feedback received, and includes an analysis of the equalities and other impacts relating to our decisions
  • Lists the organisations which responded to the consultation.

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We are holding webinars to outline why we have taken the decision to allow the continued use of remote and hybrid hearings to complement the use of in-person hearings within the HCPC tribunal service.

We will go through the new principles that will determine the type of hearing and respond or capture all questions from those taking part. 

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