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HCPC launches search for its next Council Apprentices

11 Oct 2021

Christine Elliott

HCPC Chair of Council

We launched HCPC’s Council Apprentice Scheme last year, with two primary aims.

First, to provide an opportunity for individuals to gain boardroom experience and skills as a member of the HCPC’s most senior decision-making group.  And secondly, to ensure we enhanced the quality of our deliberations and decisions by broadening the diversity of opinion, backgrounds and experience around our Council table.  

I want to say a huge, well-deserved thank you to our first Council Apprentices, Pameleta Ricketts and Nicola Hunt.  Their contributions have been insightful, thought-provoking and always valuable. You can read more about their experiences here

They have, without doubt, enabled us to achieve the two objectives we set ourselves, and our Council Apprentice Scheme is here to stay.

So we are now launching the search for two new Apprentices to join us in 2022.

The HCPC’s purpose is to protect the public and support health and care professionals. Our Council helps to guide and support the HCPC’s executive team, ensuring that this purpose is at the heart of everything we do.

Once appointed, our Council Apprentices will take part in all our Council meetings and associated activity. They will also get involved in either our Audit and Risk Assurance Committee or People and Resources Committee to maximise their transferable experience of governance.

This is a unique opportunity and I look forward to welcoming our new Council Apprentices. They will play a crucial role enhancing the range of opinions and perspectives around our board table.

More details on how to apply for our Council Apprentice role can be found here

Page updated on: 11/10/2021