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Professionalism in Practice programme

Enabling registrants to embed and achieve high professional standards

What is Professionalism in Practice?

Professionalism in Practice is a suite of free evidence-based workshops and learning sets for registrants, their managers and leadership teams. 

These are developed in collaboration with you, and delivered at your place of work by our Professional Liaison Consultants. The sessions draw on our learning from research, intelligence and our fitness to practise work. 

What can it do for my workplace?

  1. Increase understanding of the impact of working cultures on professional practice, wellbeing and disengagement, and influence the creation of a supportive culture.

  2. Explore what it means to be a healthcare professional, professional values and behaviours, the key influences in the work environment that allow professionalism to thrive and the impact of unprofessional behaviours.

  3. Support and empower staff to speak up and raise concerns and achieve their duty of candor requirements.

  4. Explore the benefits of and encourage the provision of effective supervision in the workplace.

  5. Explore when and why behaviour amongst colleagues crosses a boundary and becomes sexual, and the impact of this behaviour on colleagues and patient safety.

  6. Develop understanding of fitness to practise and encourage greater local resolution, where appropriate, and improved referrals where necessary.


'Your input has been very helpful to ensure our policies on professional registration align with the HCPC and that registrants are well supported in the Trust to undertake their role, so that patients have the best quality outcomes.'

East of England Ambulance Trust

How do I sign up?

To sign up to work with our consultants, please email There's no commitment you need to make at this stage. We'll be in touch to scope out your needs, aims and a potential timeline that could work for you. 

Page updated on: 27/09/2023