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Concerns about the fitness to practise of learners

We recognise that not all learners will be suitable to be registered with the HCPC, due to situations which may occur through an individual’s education and training.

We have standards of education and training (SETs) which require you to assess the suitability of applicants through your admissions processes (SET 2.4), and that you have a process in place for ensuring the ongoing suitability of learners (SET 3.16).

Your fitness to practise mechanisms

If you have a concern about an individual, you should follow your internal procedures to assess this concern. Through your assessments, you should consider whether any situation might impair an individual meeting our requirements for registration, namely our standards of proficiency and our standards of conduct, performance, and ethics.

If you make the judgement that an individual does not or cannot meet our standards, they should be removed from your programme and not receive the HCPC-approved qualification. This is a key public safety point, as only individuals who meet our requirements for registration should be given HCPC-approved awards.

Referral to HCPC 

There may be situations where you remain concerned about an individual who you have judged is not suitable to become a registered professional. In these situations, we advise you to contact our fitness to practise team  about your concerns. We may keep information that you share with us on record, and may take it into account should the individual apply for registration in the future.

Page updated on: 05/06/2024