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Health and wellbeing : 2023 student competition

Learning materials: Being open when things go wrong

For our student competition 2023, we invited students on HCPC approved programmes to design a student learning session that explores the importance of, and different ways of maintaining, your own health and wellbeing as a health and care professional.

To be able to care for your service users, you must take care of yourself. We know our registrants face enormous stress in their role and it’s important to know that if you are struggling, you’re not alone and support is available.

The overall winner for 2023 was Natasha Ahmed, studying Diagnostic Radiography at the University of Hertfordshire. The runners up were Kathryn Gillespie, studying Occupational Therapy at the University of Liverpool and Nikki Godridge, studying Diagnostic Radiography at Birmingham City University. Their entries can be viewed below.

Overall winner - Natasha Ahmed


Runner up - Kathryn Gillespie


Runner up - Nikki Godridge


More information

The HCPC student competition will open again next year, with another chance for students to win a voucher prize. Details will be posted on the student competition page.

Learning material
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