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Canlyniadau chwilio am the care act 2014

Yn dangos 1861 i 1872 o 1872 canlyniadau

Support for registrants making a declaration

Resources and organisations that can support registrants undergoing this stressful process.

If you have raised a concern

We investigate all cases objectively and independently

Reported scam calls regarding HCPC investigations

We are aware that some registrants have received automated calls regarding supposed HCPC investigations, and been asked to contact a specified number.

Medicines and prescribing rights

For most professions on our Register, working with medicines is a routine part of your job. Howeverthis area of practice is tightly restricted by law

Continuing professional development and your registration

This document provides guidance to registrants about our requirements for continuing professional development (CPD).

Continuing professional development workshop and live stream

This event is now postponed until further notice due to current circumstances. 

Dealing with concerns about employees locally

Not every concern that is raised about a member of your team will be a fitness to practise concern