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New eLearning modules for Partners

12 Rhag 2023

Learning and development is an important part of the work we do.

Over the past months, we have released new eLearning modules to support your development in your role and inform you about changes in our standards.

We have allocated the following eLearning modules:

eLearning module title

Partner role

Impact of sexual misconduct

FTP only – Panel Members, Panel Chairs, Legal Assessors and ICP Chairs

PSA feedback and high court appeals

FTP only – Panel Members and ICP Chairs. Legal Assessors and Panel Chairs who didn’t attend annual training during summer 2022.

Standards of professional practise

All Partner roles except CPD assessors and Service User Expert Advisors (SUEAs).

Revised standards of conduct, performance and ethics

Education only – Visitors and Lead Visitors

This eLearning module will be rolled out to all remaining partners in 2024.

Changing the way we assess an applicant's primary qualification

Registration only – Registration Assessors

If any of these relate to your role and they remain incomplete, please access the Learning Hub and complete the same as soon as possible.

Your username is your full email address. If you need to change your password, please use the “forgotten password” function.

If you have any issues with access, or completing your training, please contact the Partner Team.

Tudalen wedi'i diweddaru ymlaen: 12/12/2023