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Updates about your fees and travel

23 Medi 2019

A few updates from our Finance Department

Anytime return tickets

As you know, we don’t allow anytime return tickets for travelling on behalf of HCPC (except for your journey back home if the end time of your event is unconfirmed).

Our booking system Click have updated your permissions, so going forward if an anytime return ticket is the cheapest option/only option it will show as available to you to book without requiring approval.

Out-of-hours bookings

You will be able to make an emergency booking, without prior approval, with a Click operator for one night only during out of HCPC office hours (week days). Any consecutive nights would need to be booked via the platform, if within policy, or need to be approve the following day (if out of policy). If the issue happens over a weekend then accommodation can be booked until the next working day to ensure duty of care to anyone in an emergency situation.

Flexible hotel rates

A number of panel members have been booking non-flexible hotel rooms for multiple hearings days as they are priced at a lower rate.

Whilst we appreciate that your intention is to book a room at the lowest possible rate, please opt for flexible bookings, which can be amended at no additional cost if the hearing does not go ahead as planned or your circumstances change.

And finally, please remember that all bookings for travel and accommodation have to be made through Click travel.

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