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HCPC fee consultation

10 Ebr 2024

The HCPC Council met on 20 March and agreed to consult on a proposed fee rise of £6.98 to the annual registration fee and equivalent increases in our other fees. 

If approved, the new annual registration fee will be £123.34 and would come into effect from 2025 to 2027. 

The proposal is set at the minimum amount necessary to meet our statutory responsibilities and performance standards.

We are very aware of the financial pressure registrants are under, which is why we are seeking to move towards smaller, regular fee increases to allow registrants to budget accordingly. 

We need to maintain our financial sustainability and ensure we have the funding required to effectively discharge our statutory duties to protect the public. We have also invested to improve our performance. This increase is required to ensure that those initiatives are maintained and extended. 

Our aim is to provide an enhanced user experience for our registrants and all those who interact with the HCPC, which includes making more core services available online and further investment to improve our efficiency.

The new fee is subject to legislative approval by the UK and Scottish Parliaments and would be phased in from 2025 at the earliest and then implemented over the two-year renewal cycle. This will mean that a significant number of registrants will not pay the new fee until 2026 or 2027.

The consultation will be open from Wednesday 10 April 2024 and last for 10 weeks.

The full consultation documents can be accessed here. They include further supporting information on the proposals and an online survey for individuals and organisations to provide their views.

We will continue to engage widely during the consultation period with our stakeholders across the UK and will listen carefully to the feedback we receive.

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