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Changing the way we ensure the quality of education and training

10 Medi 2021

Today we are launching our new education quality assurance model

Our aim with this model is to position the HCPC’s education function to be flexible, intelligent and data-led in our quality assurance of institutions and programmes. 

We have worked together with key stakeholders over several years to achieve our aims, and would like to take this opportunity to thank colleagues for their input.

We are confident that the new model provides what we need as a regulator, will be less burdensome for stakeholders, and will add value for all. 

What the new model delivers for our stakeholders 

The new model delivers many benefits, including: 

  • Working with others in the sector more closely, recognising our shared goal of improving the quality of professional education and training. We intend to receive and share information and intelligence about education and training provision with other bodies in a structured way 
  • A survey of recent graduates, to consider how their training prepared them for practice. We will share insight from this exercise with education providers and others, to add a rich source of data and information when considering the quality of education in the sector 
  • Providers are incentivised to maintain and improve performance over time, and our reviews add value through an iterative and constructive approach 
  • Moving to true ‘right touch’ regulation – applying our model flexibly rather than via a one-size-fits-all approach, and dealing with problems at the earliest possible point 

What the new model looks like

We will: 

  • Work with providers at institution and programme levels 
  • Deliver approval in flexibly designed stages 
  • Engage with providers based on understanding risk 
  • Embed data and intelligence from a range of sources into decision making 

How we will support our stakeholders

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