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Establishing regular data supplies with us

13 Meh 2024

Data can give insight into the performance of institutions and programmes.

We use data as a key part of our quality assurance model, which allows us to be proactive, risk-based, and proportionate in our engagement and processes.

We have established external supplies of data in the following areas, which cover most HCPC-approved education providers:

  • Learner non-continuation – the percentage of learners who do not progress through the programme;
  • Outcomes for those who complete programmes – the percentage of those who have completed the programme who are in further study or employment; and
  • Learner satisfaction – statistical information based on feedback from current learners.

Where one or more data points are not available for specific education providers, we ask them to consider providing alternative data, and consider it a risk indicator if they are not able to (or choose not to) do so.

We have produced a document to help education providers consider this and enable them to establish a supply of data usable in our processes. To achieve this, we would support education providers in developing and establishing a regular supply of data that would be recognised and accepted by us. Regularly supplying appropriate data may also enable education providers to secure a longer monitoring period when they engage with the performance review process.

If education providers would like to explore establishing a regular data supply, they should contact their Education Quality Officer (regional lead) to begin this process. Their Education Quality Officer will work with the them to establish usable data for our processes.

We will run a webinar which sets out this information for education providers, and will enable them to ask questions. To attend this webinar, register below.

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