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Education annual report 2021-23 now live

16 Ebr 2024

We have released our Education annual report 2021-23.

The report is based on key findings from our education quality assurance activities undertaken for the professions we regulate, in the 2021-22 and 2022-23 academic years.

The report is now published on our website and available for you to view.

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Through this report we have focused on key areas linked to the quality of education for programmes leading to HCPC registration, and key challenges faced by the sector.

This report will be helpful for the education sector, and those with an interest in the education and training of the health and care workforce.

Our key findings are:
  • Quality assurance is central to the work of education providers.
  • Education providers actively seek to understand and respond to challenges.
  • Partnership working is integral to the delivery of high-quality programmes.
  • Education providers are enabling workforce expansion by developing new and existing programmes.
  • There were increases in overall programme capacity for most professions.
  • Education providers are responding to challenges with practice-based learning capacity.
  • Education providers routinely use data to inform decision making.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant and lasting impact on the delivery of education and training.
  • There are different approaches and challenges for Higher Education Institution (HEI) and non-HEI education providers.
  • Education providers have aligned their programmes with our revised standards of proficiency (SOPs).
  • Good forward planning by education providers is required to ensure intended programme start dates can be met.

The key findings and detailed thematic analysis can be used to inform thinking about challenges facing the education and broader health and care sector.


We will host a series of webinars to further discuss the key themes from this report, and welcome anyone who is interested in the themes to attend. We will present our findings, run a discussion-based session to understand what's important to our stakeholders, and answer any questions. The webinars will also be recorded.

You can register for these events below.

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