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Artificial intelligence (AI) in education

10 Ebr 2024

We recognise education providers are currently grappling with the challenges and opportunities presented by developments in technology such as artificial intelligence (AI).

We have produced a document to help education providers consider this area, align to our regulatory standards and requirements, and signposts to resources produced by other organisations.

There are three key areas that education providers should consider when responding to developments in this area:

  • How they continue to maintain academic integrity with increased accessibility of AI technology to learners;
  • Supporting staff and learners to become AI literate, including the risks and benefits of AI in learning and practice; and
  • How they cover emerging technology within practice as part of programme curricula.

Education providers should proactively consider this area, which links to continued adherence with our standards in a changing environment.

We suggest that education providers consider this area centrally, as many of the developments needed will be across the full range HCPC-approved programmes they deliver, and are applicable to other professional programmes.

We are not running any kind of ‘extraordinary review’ of this area – this aligns with our approach to change, enabling education providers to consider and enact changes they consider are appropriate to continue delivering high quality programmes.

We will ask specific questions related to this area through engagement with our regular performance review assessments.

We hosted a webinar which set out information for education providers. You can watch the recording of the webinar below and view a copy of the slides here

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