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How to complete your CPD profile

There are four main parts of your CPD profile: the summary of your practice history, a statement of how you have met our standards of CPD, a list of your activities and evidence to support your statement.


Filling out the parts

In this section, we ask you to describe your current role and the type of work you do. We ask for this information so that we can assess whether your CPD is relevant to your current or future practice (standard two).

Your summary should describe your role and the type of work you do. The summary should include your main responsibilities, identify the specialist areas you work in and identify the people you communicate and work with most.

(up to 500 words)



A dated list of the CPD activities you have carried out since you last renewed your registration.

In this section, we ask you to draw on the CPD activities you have carried out to show us how you meet the standards.

In your statement, you will be concentrating most on telling us how you meet standards three and four – how your CPD activities improve the quality of your work and benefit service users.

One way to complete your statement is to choose four to six CPD activities you have carried out and for each one describe:

  • what the activity was;
  • what you learnt; and
  • how you think the activity improved the quality of your work and benefited your service users.

You can choose to tell us about the activities which you think benefited you the most and for which you have some supporting evidence. Writing your statement in this way can be a clear and simple way of showing us how you have met the standards.

However, there is more than one way of completing your statement so this is only a suggestion. Other ways might include using your professional development plan or similar (if you have one) or structuring your statement around each of the CPD standards.

(up to 1,500 words)

We ask you to give us evidence, which shows that the CPD activities you have written about in the profile have taken place.

You do not need to send us the full record of all your CPD activities. In fact, we strongly encourage you not to do so. You may send us a summary of all your activities, but this summary should be only a sheet or two with a very brief list of activities and dates.

Types of evidence

Still have a question about CPD?

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