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Being selected for audit

If you are selected for CPD audit, you'll be notified by email within 10 working days of the renewal window opening. You will also see this notice via your online account.

If selected, you'll need to:

  • Renew your registration and pay the registration fee (as you normally would)
  • Submit a CPD profile by the deadline, which shows the activities you have undertaken since your last renewal
  • Provide supporting evidence that shows your CPD meets the standards, including a dated list to help the assessors identify any gaps of more than three consecutive months which have not been accounted for

Audit dates

Everyone selected for audit submits their profile at a set time, during renewal. Renewal dates are the same every two years and are staggered throughout the year.

Renewal dates

Selection criteria

We will only audit registrants who have been registered for two years or more. This means that if you are a recent graduate, we will not choose you for audit when you renew your registration for the first time. Similarly, if you have had a break in registration and have just come back onto the Register, we will not choose you the first time you renew your registration.

The audit selection is computer-generated at random. As CPD is an ongoing requirement while you are registered, it is possible that you could be picked for audit on multiple occasions.


We recognise that, due to unavoidable circumstances, some registrants may need to defer (put off) their audit. For example, they may not be able to complete a CPD profile as a result of illness, family or personal circumstances or maternity leave. 'Deferral' offers those who cannot complete their CPD profiles due to circumstances beyond their control the opportunity to stay registered.

Registrants who would like to defer must submit their request via our CPD Online system as soon as possible, giving their reasons for deferring and evidence to support it. See here for more information.

Anyone accepted for deferral is automatically included in the next round of CPD audits for their profession.

Still have a question about CPD?

For more information about CPD, please contact our team:

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