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Professional liaison groups

Providing advice to our Council and committees

A professional liaison group (or ‘PLG’) provides advice to the Council or committees on strategic issues. Either the Council, or a committee can decide to set up a PLG, to look at a specific issue and report back.

PLGs are project-based, and have a defined timescale with specific pieces of work to achieve.

Each PLG will always have:

  • a rationale (a ‘mission statement’);
  • terms of reference;
  • a plan of activities;
  • a timetable; and
  • a budget.

The membership of a PLG can vary depending on its needs. A PLG may need members who can provide expert opinion, members who represent organisations or a combination. When the Council sets up a PLG, it will decide what members it needs, and how it will seek these members.

The membership of a PLG may need to include educational institution representatives, employer representatives, patient/client/user representatives, lay members, or other representatives or experts. The convenor of a PLG will normally be a council member.

In May 2008 the Council agreed a revised operating manual for PLGs. 

Agendas and papers for PLGs
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