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HR Equality and Diversity Data 2019

All applicants for employee and partner roles at the HCPC are asked to complete a voluntary equal opportunities and diversity monitoring form, which is appended to their application forms.

For all who complete the form, whether they are successful or not in their applications to become employees or partners, the data they provide is stored securely and confidentially on the HCPC’s recruitment system.

The form requests equality data covering a number of categories, including gender, age, ethnic background, disability, marital status, religion and sexual orientation. The data is then collated and analysed for a report which is presented to Council each year.

The following report is set out in four sections:

  1. HCPC employees
  2. Applicants for HCPC jobs
  3. HCPC Partners
  4. Applicants for partner roles
Report, Data
Registrant data, Diversity data
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