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Employment in NHS Scotland

HCPC Scottish temporary registrants – potential employment with NHS Scotland Boards

In the coming months, NHS Scotland Boards are likely to need more fully-trained and experienced staff in the fields of:

  • Emergency Medicine;
  • Anaesthetics;
  • Intensive Care Medicine;
  • Advanced Nursing Practice and
  • Critical Care Nursing.  

Boards are also looking for staff to be involved in various roles as part of the upcoming vaccinations programme.

Not everyone with a Scottish address currently on the HCPC temporary register will necessarily be seeking employment.  However we want to ensure that temporary registrants with Scottish addresses have the opportunity to return to employment in NHS Scotland where possible. 

As an organisation, we’re obliged to ensure that our registrants’ personal data remains safe and secure at all times.  As such, we prefer not to forward registrants’ personal details to third parties.  But we are happy to signpost contacts to registrants who are interested in enquiring about potential job opportunities in NHS Scotland.  

If you are interested in and available for employment in NHS Scotland, please contact the relevant NHS Scotland Board contacts for your preferred area, at the email addresses in the following list.

NHS Scotland Board contacts

Page updated on: 08/01/2021