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Renewal FAQs for social workers in England

Social workers need to renew their registration by Friday 30 November 2018. If you don't renew in time, or cancel your direct debit without setting up alternative payment, you will be removed from the Register. The quickest and easiest way is to renew online by accessing your online account.

Answers to common questions about renewal for social workers in England are in the FAQs below.



When is the 2018 renewal period?

From Saturday 1 September to Friday 30 November 2018.

I have completed the declarations and set up a Direct Debit. Why doesn't my record on the Register say that I am registered until 2020?

You have done everything you need to renew but your record will not update until the first Direct Debit payment is taken. As long as your name appears on the Register you are able to practise.

What is Social Work England (SWE)?

SWE is the new regulator for social workers in England. It is anticipated that it will take over responsibility for the profession not before Spring 2019.

When will my Direct Debit payments be taken?

Your first payment will be collected on one of the following dates, depending on when you set up your Direct Debit.

1 October 2018
15 October 2018
1 November 2018
3 December 2018
14 December 2018

After this, we collect payments on 1 April and 1 October each year.

Why do I have to renew with HCPC if SWE is the new regulator?

Although SWE will take over the regulation of social workers in England at some point during 2019, it is very important that you renew as normal. If you fail to renew your registration by the deadline (midnight on 30 November 2018) you will be removed from the Register and will be unable to practise as a social worker in England.

What will happen to the fees I have paid when SWE becomes the new regulator in 2019?

All remaining balances will be transferred to SWE around the date of transfer.

Should I cancel my Direct Debit as I will be transferring to SWE in 2019?

No. If you cancel your Direct Debit without setting up alternative payment for the full two-year period before the deadline you will be removed from the Register and will not be able to practise as a social worker in England.

We are working with SWE to transfer Direct Debits. This is subject to arranging banking permissions and the transfer of data. We will provide further information nearer the date of the transfer.

Will it cost more to register with SWE?

Future fee levels will be a matter for SWE. In their response to the secondary legislation framework consultation, the Government made a commitment that any set-up costs for the new regulator would not fall on social workers.

How much are the Direct Debit payments?

The registration fee for the two-year period is 180 pounds. We collect this in four instalments of 45 pounds, the first of which is taken during the renewal window. For new graduates, the fee is discounted by 50 per cent for the first two professional years

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