<% //Use the /search/index.asp to give us a template without left or right-hand navigators. Created new XSLT just for Error so breadcrumbs correct dim CXSLT, sPageTitle, sPageContent, sXML, CUtility set CUtility = new clsUtility sPageTitle = "HCPC error page" set CXSLT = new clsXSLT CXSLT.nContentID = 11 CXSLT.nStructureID = 11 CUtility.GenerateTopID CXSLT.nMaxRow = 5 if ( len(trim(request.querystring("temp"))) > 0 ) then CXSLT.sXSLTFileName = trim(request.querystring("temp")) & ".xslt" else CXSLT.sXSLTFileName = "template22.xslt" end if CXSLT.sXMLFileName = Application("rootFilePath") & "xml\content1\11.xml" sPageContent = CXSLT.sTranslate() sXML = CXSLT.sXML CXSLT.bContent = false %> <% ' Manu Agrawal; 2 May 2007 ' Custom error page for this project ' IIS is set to forward any HTTP 500 errors to this page ' We will capture the error and then will save them in a text file and display a friendly message to the user ' path of the file where errors will be saved strPath = Request.ServerVariables("APPL_PHYSICAL_PATH") & "errorlogs" & "\" & replace(Date,"/","-") & ".txt" dim objErr set objErr=Server.GetLastError() Const File_OpenForReading = 1 Const File_OpenForWriting = 2 Const File_OpenForAppending = 8 ' ' Function to create a file if not alread exists Function File_OpenExistingOrCreate(strPath, nAccess) ' strPath = the path to file ' nAccess should be one of the constants above Dim objFileObj Dim objFile Set objFileObj = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set objFile = objFileObj.OpenTextFile( strPath, nAccess, True, False ) If Err = 0 Then Set File_OpenExistingOrCreate = objFile Else Set File_OpenExistingOrCreate = Nothing End If End Function ' call the function dim oFile Set oFile = File_OpenExistingOrCreate(strPath, File_OpenForAppending) ' Append to the file oFile.WriteLine("----------------- " & Date & " ---------------------------------------------------------------") oFile.WriteLine("ASPCode=" & objErr.ASPCode) oFile.WriteLine("ASPDescription=" & objErr.ASPDescription) oFile.WriteLine("Category=" & objErr.Category) oFile.WriteLine("Column=" & objErr.Column) oFile.WriteLine("Description=" & objErr.Description) oFile.WriteLine("File=" & objErr.File) oFile.WriteLine("Line=" & objErr.Line) oFile.WriteLine("Number=" & objErr.Number) oFile.WriteLine("Source=" & objErr.Source) oFile.Close %>

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<% set CXSLT = nothing %>